Posh Space

a phygital fashion platform in the ever-growing fashion tech market.


— UI/UX design


Client: Posh Space
Online: posh.space
When: August-September 2019

About posh space
Posh_space — a phygital fashion platform in the ever-growing fashion tech market.

They are moving physical fashion into the digital world, bringing clothing and wearable accessories with built-in displays to show interactive digital prints, images and animation.

This platform allows brands, artists and tech companies to collaborate and interact directly with each other, without any commission fees.

Top, header panel was redesigned.
All elements paced to one line. Used dropdown menu.

“My_Artworks” screen
– to active artwork added background color, number of feedback and action buttons
– details and feedback realised via tabs and all information will not scroll your screen
– you can close or open this panel. When artworks inactive – panel with details/feedback is closed.

Full size image — here.

Full size image — here.

“New_Artwork” screen
– artwork fields, uploading forms and preview section on one screen;
– when you upload one image, you can see all information about it.
and for preview we take thumbnail from the first loaded file.

Below: The process of searching right and logical decison.

First: Big place for preview, but not usable with vertical picture. Thinking about changes.

Next: Preview have not correct format and we don’t have any thumbnail of uploaded files.

Next: Preview have not correct format, again.
We have thumbnail and size selector.

Final: Good preview format, styled like other elements. We cut off the dropdown size selector, because the device have one format — one size.

Select device group screen
User can select the group of device where they can upload the artwork

Select device screen
User can select device, then press “add artwork” and …