Unsorted projects


Logo and the part of identity of non-happened festival on Baikal lake. On this festival peoples are meeting and talking about world, about social problems and free subjects. 

2009, Moscow. My friend from Brillionaire company (jewelry) asked me to create promotional web site for his company. We rendered 360 frames of diamond as single transparent png files. I developed full site on Action Script 3.0 (like JS). Loader (really pre-loader, which loads ~7mb), main big diamond with menu and gallery. Every single photo in the gallery has single pre-loader.

Also I created the music player. This player taking music from xml file.

So, we got few awards of this site. Dope Awards, The FWA and 2 other. It was best of my project which I created on Adobe Flash.


In 2018 I was a part of Flying Fish brand. Russian interior designer invite me to create few patterns for her new brand: Flying Fish. Main object - flying fish and few variations of patterns. That patterns was created for printing on pillows and interior textile.

Fish is not mine. I created only background patterns.


Logotype for Virtual Reality Content Manager.
Not accepted, but cool.