Hello. I'm Pavel Kozlov, multidisciplinary designer based in Russia. This is my collection of selected projects.

I'm collaborated with: S7 Airlines, Re:Store, Simple.ru, Tristan Pollock, Panzeri, Bright Buro and other.

Added to Best Design Russia

Available for freelance.


Graphic design and illustrations

Infographic for Tristan Pollock

Tristan asked ... and I can't say no ;)


Wine PANTONE cards

San Diego Latino Film Festival 2015 - Poster Competition

Poster: San Diego Latino Film Festival.

Emotional Balance use for print art

my personal project

Molokeevo - Milk packaging

packaging design for dairy products

My Tools My Rules - Notepad

logo, notebook and color book special for


Digital design, web design and UI

Bright Buro - main

Wordpress developing for


Now I'm working with

Panzeri Russia — online

Official online store for Italian lighting manufacturer


website for agency

spoiler: it's closed at this moment...

posh_space artwork details

super interesting UI/UX for startup

Cili Watches website

minimalistic design for


logo, colors and UI/UX design for


A bus and taxi booking service in Kyrgyzstan.
We met at Y-Combinator Startup School'19 
and I was invited to create their logo and user interface.

Screens in Figma:
- registration and login figma screens;
- main page;
- search and results, first version;
- search and results, second version.

I don't want to create the case because I want to show you the source of this project. This will show my skills in Figma and UI/UX design. 

I don't have a huge experience in UI/UX but I can think like user of product. I can read metrics and analyze it and change the UX special for user.

Let's make something great!

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