Hello. I'm Pavel, and Nonameproduction is my mini-studio. As a multidisciplinary designer, my focus is on graphic and digital design.


Website-portfolio. Was made using wordpress and lot of php code


Promotional website

This interactive website was created using Adobe Flash. We created a 3D model of a diamond for the project and rendered a frame-by-frame animation of the diamond. Our work on this site was recognized with awards from The FWA and Dope Awards. Please check out the full case.

Bright Buro - main

Wordpress, php, css


Official online store

Panzeri Russia — online

Panzeri — Carlo Panzeri, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technical and engineering sector who, in 1947, created a company specialized in producing chandelier parts.

posh_space artwork details

Rethinking of UI/UX. Posh_space — startup


Dashboard UI

This dashboard was created for self training. Not real project.

My other clients with agencies: Panasonic, BMW, Yabdex, SanDisk, S7 Airlines, VC.RU.