Hello. I'm Pavel Kozlov.
Generalist free-lance designer, illustrator, developer and writer.

I'm looking for job. Hire me.

Graphic design and illustration


My proud. My first illustration experience.

Molokeevo preview

packaging design for dairy products. For Russian market.


logotype for event

Story Camp

Interesting social event which was planned to July'21 on Baikal lake. I was invited to create logotype for this event. The sign is mean what peoples come to talk and fun.


logo, notebook and color book


logotype and style


This is a startup from Kyrgyzstan. Idea was to create a bus and taxi booking service in Kyrgyzstan. Guys from Y-Combinator Startup School'19 asked me to create the logo and style for their startup.

Textile design


I was invited to create a few patterns for Flying Fish brand. Main object — is flying fish and few variations of patterns.

That patterns was created for printing on pillows and interior textile. The textile with this patterns using in yacht interiors.

Web and interactive design


Web site for jewelry company — Brillionaire

For this interactive web site I have used the Adobe Flash. Created unique gallery of jewelry items. Diamond in preloader. Music player and ... jewelry. This site was awarded by The FWA and Dope Awards. Check the video.


Panzeri Russia — online

I created this website for Italian based lighting manufacturer. Made on Wordpress, used css, PHP and js. 
Panzeri — Carlo Panzeri, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technical and engineering sector who, in 1947, created a company specialized in producing chandelier parts.

design for

posh_space artwork details

Rethinking of UI/UX. Posh_space — startup.

P.S. I know about symetric grid but I like asymetric grid. I think it's looking good. What you think? Write me...
Also — all projects except Molokeevo packaging design is real and was made for real and great clients.

Let's make something great!

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