Cili Watches






Concept creation,
Web design

Cili is a watch brand designed in Germany. My main task was to create a minimalistic online shop featuring the brand's story, watch features, and a watch constructor on the shop page.

Cili Watches website

Why you should consider choosing Cili Watches.

Cili Watches website

On this page, you will find the first of three steps in choosing exactly what you need.
Now, you have the opportunity to build your own watch by selecting the bracelet and clock face in any color.

Cili Watches website

You can select and buy ready watches in one color.
I haven't placed the 'Add to cart' button on every item.
Instead, select the item and quantity you need, then click the 'Add to cart' button.

Cili Watches website

If you need specific parts for your Cili watches, it's not a problem.
You can order them separately.

You should know that when I created this design, I didn't have Figma or any modern tools. I only had Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop :)
No magic grid or anything like that. However, this website has generated around 10,000 orders for us.