I'm Pavel Kozlov graphic & digital designer. Nonameproduction is my mini-studio where I creating design for clients and for myself.
I have few personal projects about design and about fashion.

Also as a hobby I write about fashion and tennis.


2015 - today
Nonameproduction / My mini-studio
Worked with:
Bright Buro; IKTVA 2019; Oleg Nefedkin; IsraelPack; Tristan Pollock;
Re:Store; VROX+S7 Airlines; Simple.ru; Asgardia.Space; StarProject;
Panzeri Russia; San Diego Latino Film Festival'15; Sleep.8; Radugadesign.

July 2007 — July 2015
Radugadesign / Russian Media Design Studio
Oh I love them -> Radugadesign.com.
– interactive presentations (Adobe Flash + XML + PHP);
– few versions of Radugadesign websites;
– websites for company partners (ViZoo, 360Movie);
– interactive elements for projects;


Brand Identity
Creative & Art Direction
Concept Development
Graphic Design
Digital Design


Uber Russia; S7 Airlines; VC.RU;
Panasonic; Simple.ru; Tristan Pollock;
Linguatrip; Bright Buro; Panzeri;
IKTVA 2019; Star Project; Sleep.8;
Radugadesign and more local great clients


Y-Combinator Startup School 2019
Y-Combinator Startup School 2020

Personal projects

Peopleofdesign.ru — project about design.
Collabcollector.com — gallery of collaborations between the brands. 

Awards & Mentions

A'Design Award & Competition . THE FWA
Dope Awards . Design&Design . DeArt
Packagingoftheworld X2 . Logopond


A’Design Award & Competition / 2016 - 2019;
Vega Digital Awards / 2017, 2019;
Indigo Award / 2018 - 2020;
WINA Festival / 2017 - 2020;
Epica Awards / 2017 - 2022.


When I have free time I creating my startup,
if you interested to talk about it - write me.
I'm looking for investments.

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