Infographic for Tristan Pollock

Infographic for Tristan Pollock





Tristan asked me to create infographic for his article “How to build your own Silicon Valley and keep your soul”.

For this project I'm not used Cinema 4D or Blender.
Adobe Illustrator for flat forms, composition and colors.
Adobe Photoshop for shadows and finishing.

Result 3 illustrations:
Startup Soup,
Ecosystem Pyramid.

Tristan Pollock

Who is Tristan Pollock

Tristan Pollock is an American entrepreneur, artist and investor. Most recently, he founded Shisharka Skunk Works to develop new technology projects. He is also an Entrepreneur in Residence and Venture Partner at 500 Startups, the world’s most active early-stage venture fund and startup accelerator. There he supported 218 startups with $30M in funding via accelerator, seed fund, and his own angel investments.

Before that, Tristan empowered the most creative people in the world as co-founder of Storefront, a marketplace for experiential retail space. Hailed as ‘Airbnb for Retail’ by The New York Times, Storefront is backed by over $10M in venture capital from leading Silicon Valley investors, hip-hop artist Nas, author Gary Vaynerchuk, and former Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter. Storefront merged with Oui Open in 2016 to continue expansion internationally.

Tristan has also been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30, created street art for a TEDx talk on creative cities, crafted the most read Best Buy email of all time reaching over 23 million customers, and designed a MysteryBot called Shisharka Land whose true origins remain unknown.

Infographic for Tristan Pollock

How it was. Short story of working process. Tristan wrote me what he want to create a 3 illustrations for his article about startups, we discussed it and after that he gave me a 3 references and gave me a time to work. After 4 days I have showed him first sketches. We had 2 interations and few little moments to fix.

Infographic for Tristan Pollock
Infographic for Tristan Pollock

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