I studied graphic design at the university. All these years, graphics have not been empty words for me. I believe that every designer, regardless of their specialization, should have a solid foundation in graphic design. Throughout my career, I have created packaging designs that have been featured on Packagingoftheworld. I have also designed logos, corporate identities, and illustrations that have received international awards.

Additionally, my interests include fashion and textile design. An example of my textile design can be found at the bottom of the page.

Simple Wine BIO - Bio wines

Awarded project on A'Design Award&Competition

Molokeevo preview

Packaging design for dairy products. For Russian market. Featured on Packagingoftheworld


Illustrations for a person from the Forbes 30 under 30 list


Logotype and style

Story Camp - summer event on Lake Baikal

Textile design

flying fish decorative pillow

Flying fish

I was commissioned to design several patterns for the Flying Fish brand, with the main focus being on the flying fish motif and variations of the pattern.

These patterns were specifically intended for printing on pillows and interior textiles, which are commonly used in yacht interiors.