Simple Wine BIO

Catalogue of BIO Wines


- illustration
- graphic design

Illustrations and design for a special BIO department at the Simple company. The main task was to show green, bio, organic wines, which company sells.


Simple BIO - cover

Simple Group is a top player on the Russian market, one of the largest importers and distributors of high quality wines & spirits. With balanced portfolio including top brands and products from all over the world, Simple covers more than 30% in direct sales&occupies leading positions in the On-trade and Off-trade in Moscow and all key Russian regions.

All illustrations realised in "paper cut" style. Main contour and color sketch was created in Illustration, and after that was painted and finished in Photoshop. 

Simple Wine BIO - Biodynamic wines

Main color is light green.
I selected the PANTONE color and created the PANTONE card for white wine. 


I created 6 illustrations in uniform style for 6 types of wine:
biodynamic, natural wines, kosher wines, orange, organic and sustainable. 


Orange wines

Simple Wine BIO - Organic wines

Organic wines

Simple Wine BIO - Kosher wines

Kosher wines

Simple Wine BIO - Bio wines
Simple Wine BIO - Natural wines
Simple Wine BIO - Sustainable wines
Simple Wine BIO - Kosher wines